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Pool Stories

In this section you find some of the best water sport stories from our readers. Below is one of the first we've received. Enjoy!

Pool game with some 20-year old guys

by Splash from Moneterey, California, July 15, 1997

Just finished playing The Pool Game with two 20-year old studs. The game goes like this: I sink $5, $10 and $20 bills in the pool. They have to swim fully dressed to slow them down. Each gets to jump in and retrieve one bill per dive. Maximum time per jump into the pool is 60 seconds. As soon as one grabs a bill, he has to come out and the other gets his turn.

Mark was dressed in Levi 501's, Timberland deck shoes, tank top and black sweat shirt. Harry wore in a striped hoodie with white polo shirt and jeans. His shoes were canvas loafers. He works in a fashionable clothing store and had just gotten off work when Mark picked him up.

Rules of the game say they have to go in "as is". Mark made three dives and Bobby made four. Bobby hit the jackpot and found the "Bonus" bill and that doubled his take.

Afterwards, we all splashed around in the pool for a good while, playing in our soaking wet clothes. Climbing out and jumping in again with jeans and hoodie is great fun.

Preparing for Sea Swim Sessions

by Dimitri from London, England

We have a pool in our home where I train twice a day to prepare for sea swimming, morning and night, sometimes also midday.

Since I work from home, I can quickly take a break and hop into the pool, usually in the clothes I happen to be wearing, to save time. For harder training I wear a long cagoule on top.

The pool is only 10 meters long, so I have to do frequent turns to get the distance in. Often I turn on the water pump and swim against the current. That gives me a good workout for about half an hour.

Then I relax in the pool for a while and head for the showers. The whole session lasts less than an hour but envigorates me enough to get more done.

Hotel Pool

by Ion from Athens, Greece

My joy today was the 6am swim in the hotel pool. No one around, but the water was still warm. Long cut-off jeans under full-length cargo pants, and a t-shirt plus a short-sleeve button-up shirt plus a thin hoodie, and socks. And then I put on flippers, a mask and a snorkel. Fantastic.

C'mon In! the Water's Fine!

by Swim Jim from Miami, Florida

I was about 16 years old when I saw my brother's friend jump into our pool with his clothes on. He was wearing jeans and a light top. He was barefoot and did such a cool dive into the pool.

A few days later, I came home from school dressed in beige cargo pants and a white long sleeve shirt. I stood at the doorway looking out at the pool. I thought about my brother's friend just diving in, like it was nothing. He had a blank stare on his face.

I had that same blank stare as I walked out the door toward the pool. I kept on my canvas shoes and my socks, and dove right into the pool! What a great feeling it was to feel my clothes getting wet as I entered the water.

Still to this day, I jump in, dive in, or fall into the pool fully clothed any chance I get. Last week I dove into the pool at the hotel I was staying at. There was a worker walking by and saw me dive in. He stopped and walked over and was smiling. He asked how the water was as he stooped down to put his hand in the water. I looked at his feet and he was wearing slip on shoes, and I could see that his shoes were slipping off her feet. It reminded me of my brother's friend, barefoot and diving into the pool fully clothed.

I asked he if he cared to join me, he just got on his feet and softly smiled and said: "I wish I could", as he wiped his wet hand on his blue work pants. As he started to walk away, he looked back at me and and stopped. He reached down and slipped off his right shoe, then his left shoe, and he slowly walked to the side of the pool with a smirk on his face and dove in!

As he came to the surface, he was laughing and sloshing around, picking his feet out of the water and showing off his cute feet. We swam around for a little while, and then he said he needed to get out. He gave a kiss to me on my cheek as he got out of the pool, and walked into the mens locker room with his clothes clinging to him. I never saw him again that trip, but boy, did he give me one great memory!